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Limewire lets you find the files you want and download them fast as well as share any type of file with your friends, family or the Limewire community.

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Fast Search and Downloads

Limewire uses the Gnutella network to let its users share files with the Limeiwire community. This makes Limewire one of the fastest file-sharing applications currently available. With Limewire, you will get ultra fast downloads anywhere and at any time.

Easy to Manage Sharing

Limewire features a built-in librairy which makes storing and organizing files easier than ever before. Limewire also allows you to find your friends by simply syncing with your Gmail, Jabber or LiveJournal accounts which makes adding friends easier and less time consuming.

Clean and Attractive Design

Limewire now has a much simpler and cleaner interface making the program very easy to navigate even if you are a new user. You will be able to access almost any option in a few simple clicks. The simple, light-weight interface has also improved the program's performace and stability.

Stay Safe with AVG and Limewire

Limewire Pro and AVG Anti-Virus make downloading and sharing files over the internet safer than ever before. AVG Anti-Virus will scan every single file you download so you can download with confidence. Visit the limewire download page to find out more about the software's features and get your free limewire download.

Why Download Limewire?

Limewire is the best free file-sharing application which allows you to download and share almost any kind of file with your friends, family or the Limewire community over the Gnutella network. Limewire lets you find the files you want and download them at ulta-fast speeds at all times. Visit our download page and download limewire free today.

Optimized Search Results

Limewire supports International searches and International groups making it the perfect file-sharing application for you no matter where you are. Limewire Pro offers optimized search results making your searches even faster and more precise than before. Download Limewire Now and start enjoying the world's best file-sharing software.

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